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Please note: Prices may vary depending on length, thickness, technique and processing time.

This service also includes a consultation, a shampoo with a conditioning scalp massage and a blow-dry style. I will teach you how to maintain your look at home with my professional recommendations on take home "hairscriptions" for your best results.


This service creates soft and buildable contrast to the hair. Balayage can be used to achieve a sun-kissed natural color without a harsh and unnatural regrowth.

This service also includes a conditioning scalp massage with my professional recommendations on take home "hairscriptions" to keep flawless, long-lasting results. 

Womens Haircuts



This service also includes a consultation, a shampoo with a conditioning scalp massage, facial hair grooming and a finished style with my professional recommendation for a take home "hairscription" to complete the look.

Hair color service options:

Root touch-up and Single all-over color. These services include a consultation, conditioning scalp massage and my professional recommendations for take home "hairscriptions" to keep your achieved color long-lasting. 

Mens Grooming


Hair Color Services


Hair extensions are a luxurious way to add volume and/or length to your current style. I offer a tape-in method and a hand-tied method. The method I use will be determined by your personal needs and preferences. professional and custom color matched hair pieces will be determined upon prior consultation.

This service includes a day-of bridal style, a bridal style trial prior to ensure you have the perfect look for your special day and an on-site travel cost. Additionally you may add on bridesmaids styles to this package but they are not included in initial bridal hair package. 

Bridal Hair Package



Hair Extensions

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